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A smart virtual assistant with expertise in sales funnel design, marketing automation, PPC advertisement, and a lot more.


I help Coaches Design & Automate their course marketing & delivery

Give your subscribers a great experience as soon as they signup for your course by automating your course signup process, notification, and reminders.

Every time you run an ads campaign on Facebook or Google and someone from your audience subscribes to your weekly challenge or a complete course, they’re expecting a seamless communication from you to notify and inform them about the course.

There are just too many tasks to cover if you’re someone who’s just starting out as an online coach. From designing your sales funnel page to testing it and then creating an email automation sequence that delivers time-bound emails that inform and update your subscribers about your lesson timings can take a toll on your health and burn your time.

Successful coaches and online course creators use smart virtual assistants and marketing automation systems that do the heavy lifting for them so they can focus on improving their course offering.


Ali Azeem Bhatti

Virtual Assistant / Marketing Automation Expert

Back in 2003, I created my first website and hosted on my local network that offered pirated music and wallpapers to visitors. It was a work of hobby, one that gave me pleasure to share free (stolen) stuff over the my local intranet while getting praised for my tech-savviness from friends and neighbors. Then, high-school hit, and it hit hard. I had to abandoned my happy hours to focus on my studies.

Fast forward to 2011 during my 3rd year in university, seeing my web design prowess I was asked by my computer science instructor to create a WooCommerce website for the students who wanted to buy university merch. This paved way for me to look into starting my own t-shirt selling website.

Though I did that project for free, but this gave me an idea that I could make money selling things over the internet myself as well.

I love clothes, especially t-shirts with graphic design of rock and metal bands like Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, The Doors, Metallica, Rolling Stones, you get the idea! While creating the e-store for my university, I started one of my own. My t-shirts were hip-and-chic and loved by the ladies. I ran the store for the 2 years and sold it for $5000 to a uni-lad who had enrolled to same course while I was preparing for my final thesis. It was enough for me to buy a used Honda Civic to help me with my first job after university at a textile company.

I thought, selling shirts in university was a sign that I was made for the textile sector, which turned out to be way off mark. There I worked as a brand manager. Although I was given ample funds for conventional marketing and brand management but I wasn’t happy. I wanted to do more as I was learning digital marketing to add to my skillset but my employer hardly understood the term. I tried my luck for 2 years but couldn’t find marketable support to convince the management to take a leap-of-faith and invest in digital side of the business, especially digital marketing on Google (PPC and Search Engine Optimization).

Sometimes little signs are enough for you to make a sound decision. It was 2013 and a friend of a friend told me about freelancing as a virtual assistant and drop-servicing. I liked the idea of a freedom inspired living while working with some of the top international brands. That’s when I resigned from my job at Victoria Textiles Pvt. Ltd and started researching on freelancing websites and found that I could become a freelance virtual assistant and get paid on hourly/project based.

plans, design, web design

My first ever online freelancing job was with World Health Organization to design a landing-page that could invite new members to enroll as donors. That when I first learned and understood the term ‘funnel design‘ and ‘lead generation’. The project was coming from another agency who had secured from the WHO and were drop-servicing. The funnel was  successful that I was added to their internal design team and a remote member and we signed my first online freelancing digital contract where I would be offering them design oriented virtual assistant services.

My entrepreneurial spirits were high by now and I started investing more time in learning email marketing automationsocial media marketingGoogle adsBing adsFacebook ads and improve on my existing WordPress development skills. While offering my freelance virtual assistant services to clients in the U.S, U.K, and Canada, I started working in a contact center as a sales and customer support representative to make money on the side. It made a lot of sense to me as I wanted to improve on my communication so I could improve the overall experience for my freelance virtual assistant clients.

Working as a sales and customer support rep for Charter Spectrum, At&T, etc, I learned a lot about my target audience which changed my outlook towards businesses operating in the U.S. When I left my job as a team lead, I was offered a contract to run my own contact center for Charter Spectrum, which I’m still running with a team of 20 and we’re making 6-figure income from it through affiliate marketing and sales.

During this time, I became a top-rated freelance virtual assistant on Upwork and have served 100+ clients since then. My journey has been of self-learning and improving my skills while adding more tools to my bucket that bring more value to my clients, particularly online coaches and course creators.

I love working with people who want to break-the-chain and bring something new to light, are compassionate and really want to help others, as I myself want to.

If you’re someone who want to change how people live and work and need support delivering authentic and meaningful experience to your clients or subscribers, click here to book a free consultation to discuss about your business, your pain-points, and your coaching business goals. 


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An experienced web and graphic designer turned website developer and digital marketing automation expert, I’ve always been curious about the online business model and how to make money online. I embarked on this journey in 2013 and since have served over 100 clients in multiple capacities.

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